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  • Thaintro was the best thing I ever did!! Have had the most amazing experiences and made amazing friends! couldn't have asked for better leader (Charlie you were great!!!!) and the scenery was just unbelievable! Definitely worth doing as it fills you in on the Thai culture and what to avoid doing so you stay out of unwanted trouble!! I couldn't pick a favorite day, they were all so different and you were always amazed by your surroundings. Really glad I have done the tour as it prepares you to carry on traveling afterwards with more knowledge. The beaches are just beautiful and the lake with the floating bungalows is so much fun!!! Never thought I would be skipping in a jump rope that was on fire at the beach party! Beach party is amazing play all the games and jump in the sea! Everything was just amazing and I haven't stopped laughing the whole time! Partying in the rain in Bangkok is a lot more fun than it sounds it was so funny! Being offered fried scorpions casually all the time was normal in Bangkok lol Charlie was a great leader.. hd such a laugh with him bu yet still really helpful with our onward travels. Really recommend this to anyone!
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