Colourful Trips and Sustainability

When you join one of our tours you can be assured that Colourful Trips is operating under world class standards of safety and environmental practices.

One example of this is our N.S.W. National Parks & Wildlife Service Eco-pass. This means that when we take you into a national park we have the permissions and authority to do so. To obtain this pass we need documented and practiced emergency procedures, environmental policies, and excellent educational content including information on indigenous culture, fauna and flora.

As a business, commercial tour operator and travel agency Colourful Trips has to comply with many different government regulations and meet the standards of various regulatory bodies - both state and federal. About 20% of our time and revenue is taken up with licencing, compliance, reporting, audits, fees, insurance and administration.

So while it appears that the national park is free to visit in actual fact we pay a per person fee. This fee goes towards maintaining and preserving the national park, as well as enabling us to call on assistance in the unlikely scenario that someone gets injured or lost while in the national park.

In addition to complying with government regulations, Colourful Trips does more to ensure our philosophy of creating a positive impact is achieved. From paper recycling in our office to sponsoring worthy causes such as WWF or making donations to charities we believe that being a small, but active participant in the broader society we can sustain a positive presence in the tourism sector.

We look forward to you travelling with us.

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