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Day Trips

Day trips are a great way to explore local destinations without having to spend a lot of money. Everyone has different interests, so here you'll find a wide range of options to get you out of the city and into Australia's unique natural environment. From wine tasting at boutique wineries in the countryside to sailing next to majestic humpback whales, check out our great day trip adventures.

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Extended Trips

With these trips you can go further and explore more of Australia's amazing range of landscapes. You meet and spend more time with people - both Australians and your other passengers - so that your photos reflect your new friendships and experiences. Australia is a big country so we have big extended trips for you to chose from.

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University Trips

Studying here in Australia is a time when you'll make some great friendships and have the opportunity to travel in an amazingly beautiful country. So here are some great ways to get to meet and hang out with your fellow students - all in the name of education.

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Spring Break Trips

The name says it all. Exams are done, assignments are handed in and now it's time to take a well deserved break - a Spring Break to an exotic overseas location or the iconic East Coast. To explore more here are your best options.

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Private Charters

If you wish to organise a group tour - for professionals, students or friends - then we can make it easy for you. We'll create a tour for you to give your group the flexibility and itinerary they need - all at a great value price.

If we have a trip organised for you click here then click on your group name to then book yourself onto the trip along with your friends.


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