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Ultimate guide to the best walking tracks in the Blue Mountains Australia


Whether you’re a Sydney local, or an overseas traveller, the Blue Mountains are a must-see! What better way to take in the spectacular sights, by exploring and hiking your way through the Blue Mountains? With hidden waterfalls, deeps valley’s, unique rock formations, wild animals and of course the iconic Three Sisters, you can’t help but fall in love with the nature in this magical place.

There are hundreds of walking trails, and although every walk is amazing –  it’s impossible to do them all. Which is why we have put together this extremely helpful list, loaded with the 8 best walking tracks that you can hike in the Blue Mountains. Of course, we have included a range of shorter and longer walks, so you can totally decide what kind of walk suits you and fits your level of fitness!

1) Three Sisters Blue Mountains Footpath Track

To kick the list off, we started with this family friendly, short walking track. This walk is one of the most popular for both tourists and locals alike. Probably because you don’t have to walk to far, and you get to see The Three Sisters from all angles. You start at Echo Point Lookout (the most popular look-out in the Blue Mountains National Park) and take in the sights of Mt Solitary and Jamison Valley on the way. You can even cross a bridge and stand directly between two of The Three Sisters!

Distance: 1.1km return

Time: 45 minutes

Fitness Level: Easy/Moderate (It’s a short walk, but includes some steep stairs)

2) Ruined Castle Walking Track

This isn’t a walk for the light-hearted. Beginning at the Golden Stairs and descending into Jamison Valley, through lush rainforest boasting coachwood and sassafras – you might get to spot a lyrebird! This hard walk lets you climb one of the most recognisable landmarks in the valley; the Ruined Castle. It’s a beautiful rock formation that offers great views over the valley as far as Wentworth Falls and Katoomba. The track is an historic mining route with tell-tale embankments, cuttings and the tumbled ruins of miners’ cottages. A steep scramble with some rock-hopping past large boulders leads to the impressive rock formation. At the top, enjoy unsurpassed views of Jamison Valley and Cedar Creek Valley. A perfect spot for a picnic before returning.

Distance: 6.6km return

Time: 5 hours

Fitness Level: Hard

3) Wentworth Falls Track

Don’t be fooled by this short walk, it might only be 1.4km return, but it is steep. This walk is a favourite of ours, and is usually the one we pick to hike on our Blue Mountains Day Tour. It leaves from Wentworth Fall picnic area, and well worth the effort! Firstly, follow the level path past Jamison Valley and Wentworth lookouts (stopping to take in the sights of each, of course) before descending around 200 steps to the cliff-edge Fletchers lookout. Marvel at the waterfall that gives Wentworth Falls its name, as it plunges 100m to the valley floor. Then just a few more steps until you reach the top of the falls and take in the breathtaking sights of Jamison Creek, cascading into a shallow pool on one side, and the amazing Jamison Valley opening on the other. You can make your way back, via the way you came. However, if you’re up for the adventure, combine it with the short Weeping Rock circuit, the varied Undercliff track or historic Princes Rock lookout track.

Distance: 1.4km return

Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Fitness Level: Moderate

4) Pulpit Walking Track

This walking track starts at the most breathtaking lookout, Govetts Leap lookout. It’s a perfect place to get a picture, before beginning this 2-3 hour walk. Go down the steps into the shelter of a small creek, where black wattles grow in thick stands. From here, cross the bridge and follow the track to the cliff edge. You’ll pass several small lookouts on route giving you the chance to admire a breathtaking 280-degree panorama of the Grose Valley and distant mountains. If you’re hiking to discover amazing scenery and nature, this is the walk for you! Pulpit rock walking track is quite diverse in terrain, and the views you take in are ones you’ll remember for life!

Distance: 7km return

Time: 2-3 hours

Fitness Level: Easy/Moderate

5) Charles Darwin Walk

This family friendly walk is perfect for a lover of history! As the names suggests, it’s a track that was quite often walked by the famous naturalist, Charles Darwin himself back in 1836. This walk begins at Wilson Park, which leads to boardwalk and bush track through open forest, shrub, and hanging swamps until the track meets the Weeping rock loop. Along the way, enjoy rock pools and cascades – the perfect spots to cool down your feet on a hot day. The area is home to honeyeaters, shrub wrens, and the raucous black cockatoos – making it a paradise for bird watchers.

Distance: 2.4km

Time: 1 hour

Fitness Level: Easy

6) Leura Cascades Circuit

If you’re looking for a moderate walk, filled with lush greenery and rainforest views this is the walk for you! It’s perfect for a mid-walk picnic, and a favourite of both amateur and professional photographers as it’s home to some impressive lookouts, vegetation and animals.  This track descends steeply into the rainforest. Listen for the call of the catbird or wompa pigeon and remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch. Follow the track downstream for 100m, then ascend some steep stairs before traversing the half-way ledge to a natural amphitheatre.

Distance: 4.5km loop

Time: 3 hours

Fitness Level: Moderate

7) Princes Rock Walking Track

This is the perfect Blue Mountains walking track if you want something short, but still want to see some amazing sights. This walk has actually been trodden by sightseers since the late 1890s and boasts exceptional views over Wentworth Falls. This is the walk you want to do, if you want to be in awe of what our planet has to offer. You won’t be short of lookouts, as you pass 20 along the trail. Remember to keep an eye out for the old water fountains dotted along this medium track and admire their heritage design.

Distance: 1.8km

Time: 45 minutes

Fitness Level: Easy

8) Furber Steps Walk Track

If you want to see where the mountains meet the water, this tricky but worth it track will take you down into the Jamison Valley. It offers superb views and is the perfect activity for walkers who love a challenge and an amazing scenic view. You’ll enter a world of lush rainforest and cascading waterfalls. Stopping to gaze across at majestic Mount Solitary rising out of the valley floor. Make sure you stop for a picture, or even a picnic beside the gushing waters of Katoomba Falls. Take the steep stairs back to get your heart rate up, or opt to catch the world famous steepest railway or cableway back to the top to scenic world. Enjoy this walk or some free time exploring scenic world on our Blue Mountains Day Trip!

Distance: 2.4km return

Time: 1-2 hours

Fitness Level: Moderate

As you can see the Blue Mountains have a lot to offer when it comes to lush rainforest, deep valley’s, impressive views, beautiful wildlife and great hikes for those who love an adventure. With this much to do, it can be quite overwhelming to decide and organise a day here. To take the hassle out planning, why not enjoy our Blue Mountains Day Trip? Travel in comfortable, air-conditioned transport to and from the Blue Mountains, driven by an informative and educated guide. They will make it their mission to take you on two awesome hikes, while explaining the Aboriginal history, flora and fauna of the areas. Lunch is also included, and you even get to spend some time at Featherdale Wildlife park for free! Get up close and personal with the cute and cuddly wildlife, and admire the not so cuddly wildlife like saltwater crocodiles from a distance.

Want to make a weekend out of it? No problem! We offer an overnight Blue Mountains tour, as well as a combined overnight Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves tour. Check out all of our Blue Mountain tours here:

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