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South Coast & Royal National Park

A beautiful look at Jervis Bay.

While thinking about my plans for last weekend, I came to the decision that it’s about time to join another Colourful Trip and it was definitely a great decision!

I joined the new South Coast & Royal National Park trip and words can’t even explain how amazing this day was! Canoeing was heaps of fun. It was very challenging and my canoeing partner, Danii got us stuck in some trees more than once. But, it was so funny and we were laughing all the time. We also learnt how to play the didgeridoo, paint our face with ochre and how to throw spears and boomerangs. I’m so proud of myself because a German beat some Aussies in boomerang throwing 🙂

After all this exercise, we had a delicious BBQ lunch and took some awesome jumping photos at lookouts with spectacular views over the beach.

Another great part of this trip was our amazing guide, Andy. He told us interesting indigenous stories and showed us what types of plants were used to survive in the bush. He definitely knows a lot about the Royal National Park and is super friendly!

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