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Watching Dolphins in Jervis Bay

An overview of Target Beach in Jervis Bay

Sunshine, white sand beaches and watching dolphins…it sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Last weekend I went to Jervis Bay with a group of 19 and a very funny tour guide, Ronnie! Our journey begun with an impressive look out, over the Wollongong coastline. Back on the road again we continued the trip to the whitest sand beaches in the world – Jervis Bay! Here we went on the spectacular Dolphin Cruise. We were just out of the harbor when we saw a small pod of dolphins swimming after a boat. We could hear passengers on board shout ”woah!”. With a three deck boat, it was easy for everyone to have a clear view of these beautiful creatures when they were playing under and alongside of the cruise, it was just amazing!

When we got off the boat we went to a quiet beach, named Moona Moona Creek. There we had a nice bakery lunch, which included a salad roll, orange juice and cake. We all really enjoyed it! From there we went to Kangaroo Valley where we were able to see a couple of wild kangaroo’s. We ended up at the Fitzroy Falls where we had another magnificent look out. It was a joyful end of the day!

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