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Melbourne Pt. 2

2 Day Melbourne Apostles & Penguins Image 4

Last weekend I had a great time with my friend in Melbourne. Saturday we went to Phillip Island. Our first stop was at Moonlit Sanctuary, which is a Wildlife Conservation Park. We learned a lot about the Australian animals. It was possible to hand feed the kangaroos and wallabies. In the afternoon we arrived at the Chocolate Factory. We got a 30 minute tour through the factory where we learned how to make chocolate. The funniest thing during the tour was that we could make our own chocolate.

At the end of the day we watched the world famous Penguin Parade as hundreds of little penguins come out of the sea at dusk and head back to their barrows for the night. It was an amazing experience to see. The little penguins are so cute! Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures of the penguins.

On Sunday we explored the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most beautiful and naturally maintained secrets. At our first stop we enjoyed the stunning coastal views with a cup of tea and cookies. In the afternoon we arrived at Cape Otway Lighthouse. It is Australia’s oldest lighthouse still in work today. We entered the lighthouse and saw the breathtaking views over the Southern Ocean. Near the lighthouse we had a delicious lunch at a restaurant. On our way to the Twelve Apostles we saw koalas in the wild. It was the first time I saw koalas in the wild. Finally we arrived at the Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles is one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines, where you will be dwarfed by the high cliff line and these enormous offshore sea stacks. It was beautiful!

My time in Australia is almost over. I have to work one more week and then I am going back to the Netherlands. I have gone through my internship with a lot of pleasure. I learned a lot about the tourism industry, but also a lot about Australia itself. It was an amazing period in my life I will never forget!

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