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Wine Tasting Trip

The landscape in Hunter Valley.

Tasting wine is something I’m not too familiar with. That’s why it was well worth to go on the day trip with Colourful Trips to learn various local and international wines!

At the first winery, named Mount Pleasant, we learnt how to drink wine from a professional. Once I found my favourite wine, I wanted more! The next winery, Drayton’s, had many different wines. We tasted delightful white, remarkable reds, wickedly dessert wines and powerful ports. It was time for some lunch; because we left Drayton’s a bit tipsy! While eating lunch we enjoyed the magnificent views of the Hunter Valley.

Last but not least, we went to the winery of McGuigan, here we ended up with another wines. There are numerous options to do after the wine tasting; you can go to the Blue Tongue Brewery taste several beers in a palate. You can try some delicious cheese or just stroll around the Hunter valley gardens which is near the McGuigan’s winery.

On our way back to Sydney we rested up before consuming the free drink and tasty pizza at Side Bar. When we crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge we caught a glimpse of the Vivid Sydney. Our tour guide, Gavin, told us the hidden gems and where to go out in Sydney. Come along and become a wine professional!

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