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Jenolan Caves!

Jenolan Caves Day Trip Image 1

I had the best time at the Jenolan Caves last Saturday! Unfortunately, it was raining during the day, but in my opinion it always depends on the view you have; If you bring your own sunshine and you’re keen on having a good day, it will be 100% great!

Our first stop was the wonderful Three Sisters where we enjoyed the view by having a hot chocolate and some delicious muffins from one of the shops close to the lookout. We went on driving through the beautiful landscape down to Jenolan Caves and spotted some wild wallabies on our way.

The cave tour was so impressive! We saw a lot of different minerals and rock formations which were even more spectacular because of the light show our guide offered us. We spent a lot of time marvelling at the beauty of the caves and kept saying “Oooohhh..look there..aaaahhh!” We had so much fun!!

After the caves, we went for a little walk with our charming guide Bob who showed us a small lake filled with the bluest water I’ve ever seen. He told us that this is an effect of the minerals the water picks up passing through the cave systems.

To make the day completely perfect, the sun came out while we were watching lots of wild kangaroos on our way back home. We stopped at a meadow in the bush and got so close to them, I almost touched their noses. It was AWESOME!

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