Port Stephens – Whale Watching

Port Stephens Whale Watching Image 1

The whale-watching season has arrived. Last weekend I joined a small group on a trip to Port Stephens. First we arrived at Anna Bay, where we went sandboarding. Anna Bay has the largest sand dunes in New South Wales. Stretching 32 kilometres and covering an area of 2,500 hectares. The dunes rise up to 30…

Watching Dolphins in Jervis Bay

An overview of Target Beach in Jervis Bay

Sunshine, white sand beaches and watching dolphins…it sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Last weekend I went to Jervis Bay with a group of 19 and a very funny tour guide, Ronnie! Our journey begun with an impressive look out, over the Wollongong coastline. Back on the road again we continued the trip to the…

South Coast & Royal National Park

A beautiful look at Jervis Bay.

While thinking about my plans for last weekend, I came to the decision that it’s about time to join another Colourful Trip and it was definitely a great decision! I joined the new South Coast & Royal National Park trip and words can’t even explain how amazing this day was! Canoeing was heaps of fun….