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  • Best f...... week of my life without a shadow of a doubt. Graham and Charlie are the two best group leaders we could have asked for and are absolute legends. Will never forget this incredible trip and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I DON'T CARE, I LOVE IT!!
  • Funny story, I was walking on "the strip" here in Vegas, and ran into some people who had Blue Mountain T-Shirts on, so I stopped and asked if they had visited Australia, and they said yes, and I was like did you take a tour to the Blue Mountains, and they said of course. Well long story short, I just asked them who they went with, and they said some company like Colouring Books, and I said "Colourful Trips", and they said ya. I guess Ben was their driver and the loved it. Guess it is not a small world when I can be on the other side of it and still find people that are amazed with your service!
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