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Our People

Meet The Colourful Team


Ronnie Smith

Driver Guide


Born and bred in the UK, Ronnie came down under in 1997 as he had heard so many great things about Australia from his UK friends who’d travelled here. On arrival in Sydney he stayed in Kings Cross (back then the the hub of backpacker life in Sydney) and got a job with the hostel driving their minibus around Sydney. Ronnie was now connected with the tourism industry and landed a job with Oz Experience as their sales rep.

His tourism career was now firmly in the making and off he went to New Zealand to work with Kiwi Experience then back again to Oz to start a family while building up his resume with sales roles at Mojo Surf, Australia Skydive, and Nomads. Ronnie then began driver/guiding with Surfing Kangaroo which led to his current role as a sales manager and driver/guide with Colourful Trips.

Living in Bondi Beach with a family, a fun job, and well-earned respect from his industry colleagues, Ronnie reckons he’s living the dream!

[email protected]